TMultiTouch SDK - from existing code


I have an already existing database of objects that I need
to reuse within a TMultiTouchRegion. I already have positions and
dimensions, but obviously no transformation.

I need to be able to change positions, dimensions and text of objects, but no rotations.

I create the items in dmPosition DisplayMode, they are shown perfectly,
but in dmTransform since transformation is at Zero at creation, items
are rendered as dots in position 0/0. Can transformation be initialized
to some value meaning "no transformation" ? or can I reach my needs with
dmPosition only ?


You can take a look at the existing TMSProducts demo that also places the item randomly on the form.

I'm already using the demo as they are (quite) working.

"that also places the item randomly on the form" : That's the opposite of what I want...

The Electronic board demo shows how the transforms are stored and retrieved from a database.