TMSWebCompiler.exe crashes

Lazarus 1.8.4 / TMSWebCore

I create an empty TMS Web Core Application and try to compile it. The TMSWebCompiler.exe crashes and from the output window context menu I get this informations :

Package TMSWebCore 0.0: Ausf?hren des Befehls vor

Compile reason: Missing state file "C:\Lazarus\Components\TMS WEB Core\\lib\i386-browser\TMSWebCore.compiled".

C:\Lazarus\Components\TMS WEB Core\\CommandLineCompiler\TMSWebCompiler.exe

C:\Lazarus\Components\TMS WEB Core\\

/CompilerBin:C:\Lazarus\Components\TMS WEB Core\\Compiler\libpas2js.dll

Command Line:
C:\Lazarus\Components\TMS WEB Core\\CommandLineCompiler\TMSWebCompiler.exe /HtmlOutputDir:html '/CompilerBin:C:\Lazarus\Components\TMS WEB Core\\Compiler\libpas2js.dll' /EcmaScript:1 /Optimization:1 /ProjectHTMLFile:project1.html /IntermediateOutputDir:Intermediate /ProjectFile:.lpr \



Fehler: Exit code 255

My original post was about running Lazarus 1.8.4 under Windows 8.1

The compiler output under Windows 7 gives more informations about that described issue. There is a message in the output window

Panic: Invalid Licence!

What does that mean??

Do you run the compiler on the same Windows user account as the one with which you installed TMS WEB Core?

Yes, as Administrator. This licence message only occur on the Windows 7 computer. Here is the output :

Compile reason: Missing state file "G:\Lazarus\components\TMS_FNC_WebCore\\lib\i386-browser\TMSWebCore.compiled".




Command Line:
G:\Lazarus\components\TMS_FNC_WebCore\\CommandLineCompiler\TMSWebCompiler.exe /HtmlOutputDir:G:\Lazarus\application\TMSWebCore\html /CompilerBin:G:\Lazarus\components\TMS_FNC_WebCore\\Compiler\libpas2js.dll /SingleJS /EcmaScript:1 /Optimization:1 /ProjectHTMLFile:G:\Lazarus\application\TMSWebCore\project1.html /IntermediateOutputDir:G:\Lazarus\application\TMSWebCore\Intermediate /ProjectFile:G:\Lazarus\application\TMSWebCore\project1.lpr \



Fehler: Exit code 1

Did I understood you correctly? There are two issues. One is that you cannot compile an empty project and the other is license problem under Windows 7, isn't it?

Maybe let's start with the license issue. Did you install under Windows 7 or did you simply copy the necessary files?

Well in my understanding, a web application with an empty form is not identical to an empty project. My first post was the result of trying to compile a web application on a Windows 8.1 system, my second post was the same project compiling on a Windows 7 system. The compiler output was different. 

To answer your question : Yes, I installed the TMS Web Core package on both computers

Sorry for the bad description. With an empty project I meant the project with an empty form. But first I would like to have a look at your license.

Could you please send an email to r   k      at    tms   software     dot           com

BTW, I'm a native German speaker. If you like we can speak German in the emails.

Thank you, I will / Danke :-)