TMSWebBrowser installation woes

Subject : TMSWebBrowser installation woes
The instructions in the text file 'winsupport.txt' are incorrect.
Step 1 states Download and Extract ...

Clicking on that link I see "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not found".

So I followed the instructions in the document 'TMSFMXPackDevGuide.pdf'.
Step 1 points to

Clicking on that link I got the file.

Step 5 mentions a non file. It should be, I think, FMX.TMSWebBrowser.Win.pas

So far my experience with the registered version is not encouraging.
I should not have to waste time searching for these things.

I hope that TMS will update the instructions?

  Peter Evans

We are currently migrating to a different server and it's possible that there are references to the file that no longer exist. If the setup is rebuild with the latest version, the winsupport.txt file will be updated with the correct link.

Hoping for your understanding.

Kind Regards,