TMSStyle does not exist in TMS SmoothPageSlider


If I drop a TAdvSmoothPageSlider in a form and run I
get the error message "TMSStyle does not exist" on the following line
of code:

procedure TAdvSmoothPage.ReadState(Reader: TReader);
  inherited ReadState(Reader);//error is thrown here
  if Reader.Parent is TAdvSmoothPageSlider then
    PageSlider := TAdvSmoothPageSlider(Reader.Parent);

Do you know what the problem is ? What should I check ?

Many thanks


We are not able to reproduce this issue here, are you using the latest version and are you sure you have correctly installed all the packages? The TMSStyle property should be automatically added when dropping a new instance in the form. Did you make any changes to the TAdvSmoothPageSlider in order to have this error?

HI Pieter,

In the end I found the culprit. There was a second AdvSmoothPageSlider.pas in the Delphi Library path and the compiler was picking this one. I deleted the file and everything is working now.

Thank you