i use a TTMSFMXGrid where i do some grouping
you can set the calcformat for displaying the sum of the grouped cells

where can you find the details of the calformat possibilities ? 
this is not mentioned in the documentation.


grid.GroupSum(AColumn: Integer);
Calculates column sums per group

grid.GroupAvg(AColumn: Integer);
Calculates column averages per group

Grid.GroupMin(AColumn: Integer);
Calculates column minimum per group

Grid.GroupMax(AColumn: Integer);
Calculates column minimum per group

Grid.GroupCount(AColumn: Integer);
Calculates number of rows in a group for each group

Grid.GroupCustomCalc(AColumn: Integer);
Allows to perform a custom calculation of group data with the event OnGroupCalc
If there is a need for a special group calculation that is not available in the standard group
calculation functions, the method grid.GroupCustomCalc can be used. For each group in the grid,
this will trigger the event OnGroupCalc

Pieter Scheldeman2016-06-15 09:18:50