TMSFNCWebBrowser Run Time Creation

Is it possible to create TMSFNCWebBrowser at run time? First to be clear I use Lazarus as my programming environment, I am just a "thrifty" hobby programmer. The reason I ask, I have no problem using the component when I just drop it on a TForm and run it but what I've been trying to do is use a separate form for browsing, I manually create the web-browsing form at run time and embed it in a page control in the main form, you can guess where I am going with this. I figured this would be one way to handle multiple web-browser instances in separate pages while keeping the code also separated but when I do that, web browser doesn't work, even if I create only one instance. Anyway either I am doing it wrong or there is something else preventing me from doing this. If it's possible to do this, simple working example would be appreciated or a step by step explanation how to do this would be helpful.

This creates in runtime a TTMSFNCWebBrowser instance on the form:

  fncb: TTMSFNCWebBrowser;
  fncb := TTMSFNCWebBrowser.Create(Self);
  fncb.Parent := Self;

I know, but does it work? I have to try it, so far like I said I am imbedding entire form with the web browser on it in the page control of the main form instance and that doesn't seem to work. Anyway I may post a code of what I have in mind if I don't figure out what I am doing wrong.

I especially retested this code before answering it here in the post.