TMSFNCWebBrowser in MacOS

WB.Navigate(ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'index.html');

the above code is working fine in Windows. But in MacOS its displaying empty page. Please check and let me know if anything I am missing. Attached html and the supporting files.index.html (383 Bytes) index.js (1.7 KB) animated.js (2.2 KB) charts.js (143.3 KB) core.js (1.0 MB)


Please use WB.LoadFile instead.

Only the links get loaded. chart is not rendered. Its not getting rendered in Safari either. But its getting rendered in chrome. Is there a way to use chrome default TMSFNCWebBrowser?


No the WKWebView is using the safari engine, there is no support for chrome in TTMSFNCWebBrowser.