TMSFNCSpreadGrid Circular Reference

Dear TMS

I'm using TMSFNCSpreadGrid to simplify a series of calculations within my application, but loading the CSV spreadsheet produces a circular reference error which does not exist in MS Excel. I entered the formulas into the aspgdemo to ensure that there's no inconsistency with Excel, but have come up against the same error. Is there a known issue with the calculation engine in TMSFNCSpreadGrid? 

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Can you please provide more details?

Without knowing what is in your CSV file, I cannot guess what is causing this circular reference error.
The error can be reproduced by dropping a TMSFNCSpreadGrid component on a form. Enter the following formulas in the spreadgrid after compiling:
  1. A1 -> =97
  2. A2 -> =A1*60/1000
  3. A8 -> =10
  4. A9 -> =A8*60/1000
  5. C9 -> = A9
  6. C1 -> =A2 + C9 
C1 then only displays the formula "=A9" rather than the answer which is "6.42".

Thank you very much for your kind help.
I have retested this here and I cannot see a problem. Do you use the latest version of TMS FNC UI Pack?

Thank you very much for the feedback. 

Oddly, I can reproduce the behaviour consistently. I'm using the most recent version of TMS FNC UI Pack and Lazarus v2.0.2. I found a workaround though. Calling Recalc after loading the CSV corrects the problem.