TMSFNCSearchEdit and categories

I have a TMSFNCSearchEdit with 2 categories

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  sli: TSearchListItem;
  TMSFNCSearchEdit1.CategoryButton.PopupType := pmRadio;

  TMSFNCSearchEdit1.ItemHeight := 32;

  TMSFNCSearchEdit1.Categories.Add('category 0', 0);
  TMSFNCSearchEdit1.Categories.Add('category 1', 1);

  sli := TMSFNCSearchEdit1.Items.Add;
  sli.Captions[0] := 'caption 1';
  sli.Descriptions[0] := 'description 1';
  sli.CategoryID := 1;

  sli := TMSFNCSearchEdit1.Items.Add;
  sli.Captions[0] := 'caption 2';
  sli.Descriptions[0] := 'description 2';
  sli.CategoryID := 1;

  TMSFNCSearchEdit1.Categories[1].Filter:= False;

I would like to show the filtered items only if 'category 1' is selected. I tried different options but when I edit the TMSFNCSearchEdit1 the popup inlcuding all the items is shown even if the selected category is  'category 0'.
What am I doing wrong?

To enable categories based filter, please set

  TMSFNCSearchEdit1.FilterCondition.Categories := true;

It works but not as expected. With my previous example sli.CategoryID := 1; adding TMSFNCSearchEdit1.FilterCondition.Categories := true; the popup list with items appears when category 0 is selected. If I set sli.CategoryID := 0; the popup list with items appears when category 1 is selected.

Category.Filter = true means to filter the items of this category, i.e. remove these items.