TMSFNCRichtEditor Web Core

I want to ask whether the TMSFNCRichEditor component can be run on Tms web Core ?

No, we have decided TTMSFNCRichEditor adds no real benefit because HTML controls can already display edit and parse HTML. We do have a HTML editor available in the TMS FNC WX Pack (TMS FNC UI Pack Powerful, feature-rich UI controls in 1 component set for 3 frameworks and 5+ operating systems. Includes grid, planner, treeview, ribbon, rich editor, ... and much more)

Ok, thanks for the information, but is TMSFNCWxpack compatible with TMSFNCUipack, because after I installed TMSFNCWxpack my web application was using TMSFNCUipack so it got error/damaged?

TMS FNC UI Pack is compatible with TMS FNC WX Pack. Which kind of error do you receive?

The error appears after installing TMSFNCWxpack this error appears when loading Delphi :
and then delphi comes out, then I load it again and this error appears :slight_smile:
and the TMSFNCUIPACK is corrupted

Did you re-install TMS FNC Core, TMS FNC WX Pack & TMS FNC UI Pack latest versions? This is required.

Yes of course I have installed the latest version of TMFNCUIPack version and TMSWxpack version

The error typically means that there is an older version of TMS FNC Core on your system. Is this the case? A trial version somewhere or older source code / bpls that are loaded in the IDE?

Oh I see,, I'm using the trial version of TMSFNCUiPack and TMSFNCWxpack, oke, I'll check it again. Thanks