TMSFNCGrid Lazarus memory leak when filtered?

I have a strange memory leak in the latest ( release of FNC grid installed in Lazarus 2.0.12 (and 2.2.0 as well). When Options.Filtering.DropDown is True, the heaptrc checker reports a huge number of memory leaks even for a simple application with a single form and a single TTMSFNCGrid on it with default parameters. This is easily reproduced with the demo application (Demos - LCL - Grid - Filtering) when the option "Use heaptrc unit (check for mem-leaks)" is checked in the project options. When Options.Filtering.DropDown is False, no leaks occur. Strangely, but the VCL version does not have any leaks with Filtering.DropDown enabled. Maybe I am missing something obvious?


We have been able to reproduce this memory leak here and have applied a fix. The next version of the TMS FNC Core will address this. Thanks for reporting!

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Excellent news, thank you!