TMSFNCGrid custom editor


I'm trying to figure out what the best way might be to have a TMSFNCGrid as cell editor. I defined a TTMSFNCToolBarButton as editor and defined a TMSFNCGrid as its DropDownControl. Its works so far. To define a TMSFNCGrid as cell editor directly is also possible, but then the main grid tries to show the cell editor grid inside the small grid cell, so I thought about the solution with the ToolbarButton.

Is that the way you would do it?

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The inplace cell editor is indeed stretched inside the cell so a separate button with a dropdown control is a viable alternative.


playing around with some of the build in editors I noticed that for example when using etSpinEdit, etDateEdit or etMoneyEdit I can jump over the cell/column by pressing ENTER or TAB but not over cell/columns with an etComboBox or etCustom editor, where the cells/columns with set to etCustom are throwing an exception. Back to my favorite topic, cell navigation ;-)

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Sorry, we are not able to reproduce this, please send us a sample that reproduces this issue so we can investigate this here.

Sure, just the source, or an executable? For which operating system?

The source is sufficient, for Windows

Just testing again with the latest version, I'm working on Windows7 only during the week over the day. At home I currently have only Linux