TMSFNCGraphics.General.pas:idenifier not found "Gradient"

I've a TMS WEBCORE app developed with Delphi 11, Windows 11. It compiled under previous versions of TMS WEBCORE and FNC products. However, upon updating all my TMS apps from the SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER, my web application fails to compile with 'TMSFNCGraphics.General.pas:idenifier not found "Gradient'. I've uninstalled and reinstalled selected WEBCORE and FNC products but to no avail. Can you give me a clue as to why it won't compile after I upgraded to all latest versions.

2022-12-08_20-42-26.pdf (50.6 KB)

TMS WEB Core needs to be uploaded. We'll do this as soon as possible.

Mmmm; I don't understand why you said that the updates were ready but only a portion of the updates were up to date. Do you have an idea when I can download the Webcore update? (I'm out of commission until you do.)

FNC in itself is fully up to date and can be used as-is in Delphi with VCL & FMX frameworks.
We are checking a dependency just for the web target with TMS WEB Core. We'll investigate and when needed, will release a solution for this as soon as we can.