TMSFNCEDIT: Set LengthLimit > 0 and reach the limit, no cursor function

At a TTMSFNCEDIT Field I have set LengthLimit to 5.
if At runtime the maximum input length has been reached, the cursor cannot go back in the input field.
I first have to delete min. one character at the end of the input text, than I can use the cursor keys again.

I have set the following values in the component:
LengthLimt := 5;
EditType := etString;

Have already tried it with other EditTypes and also different LengthLimits.

Sorry we are not able to reproduce this, can you provide a sample? Which framework are you using?

I'm using Delphi 11.2 and the TMSFNC Core version, with TMSFNCEDIT Version .
I'm creating a new app with only one TMSFNCEdit field. Set the LengthLimit to 5. Enter 5 characters and then try to move the cursor in the field one character to the left. But that is not possible. The cursor stops moving as long as the LengthLimit is reached.

Yes, but which framework? VCL, FMX? Please provide a sample

Hi Pieter,
It is an FMX project. I have attached a DEMO project here in the attachment (93.8 KB)

I have now created the same as a VCL project. There it works

Your demo project works fine here, is this on Windows or another operating system?

It is windows 10 pro