TMSFNCEdit AutoComplete doesn't work on Android


I think I found a bug: TMSFNCEdit AutoComplete doesn't work on Android.
I tried it on many devices: using the same project completes the text on Windows but it doesn't work on Android.
This is pretty important for me because the customer wants autocompletion in the Android app.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately this is due to a bug in the FMX framework that doesn't allow us to capture the KeyDown/KeyUp event and process the pressed keys. TTMSFNCEdit is not fully supported on iOS & Android.

We reopen this issue from time to time and see if the issue is fixed, but unfortunately there is currently no way to fix this here in TTMSFNCEdit.


I wrote to Embarcadero support about this and they answered:

" The referenced Quality report is a documentation bug. The resolution of documentation bugs occurs when the documentation is updated or clarified. Although I am not sure why the report has not been resolved, any resolution is not going to affect how KeyDown/KeyUp events work under Android. The bug report itself indicates that these events should not trigger with soft keyboards, and this information is obtained directly from the Google documentation. The quoted documentation sections are within the Quality report for you to read."