TMSFNCChart - How to center a bar when the series has only 1 point?


When a series has just one point, the bar is not centered. It shows sort left-aligned. If mode is smStatistical, it's half cut by left Y axis.
It also it shows a number "1" as the xvalues legend for a non-existing second point. It shows in the extreme right side of the X axis.

There's no problem when series has at least 2 points. Then everytinhg is centered within the chart's area width, and there's no xvalues legend problem.

How could I center it ? I'm using mode = statistical, and in case there's just one column, I'm forcing some changes at least to show all the bar labels & annotations without the "half-cutting", and forcing the xvalue unit format to space, to hide that unwanted "1".

It shows left aligned. Couldn't make it centered.

Currently using this code:

  if qy.RecordCount = 1 then begin
    MyFirstSeries.Mode := smMathematical;
    MyFirstSeries.XValues.MajorUnitFormat := ' ';
    MyFirstSeries.XValues.MinorUnitFormat := ' ';

The auto-range for x-values needs at least 2 values. if you set it to arDisabled and then set MaxX to 1, the bar will be centered.