TMSFNCButton enabled/disabled color

Its hard to almost impossible to distinguish between an enabled and a disabled button. Is there any way to have the button font color to be more gray like other disabled controls, where the caption it a more lighter gray?


We have applied an improvement for this. The next version will address this.

When will the next version be available? Its not really useful at the moment, when people email me that they cannot click on the Abort button, only because the button is in fact disabled.

We will aim for an update next week

In the last update, the issue is not fixed.

Disabling a button is ok, but when that button gets enabled again, its medium gray, not like an enabled button. Again useless :(
Here is the example.
First row: Button1 and Button 2 are enabled, Button 3 is disabled.
Click on Button1 disable Button 2 and enables Button 3.
Button 3 does not looks enabled, but somewhere between enabled and disabled.


We have reopened this issue and have applied an additional fix for this issue. The next version will address this.


is there any ETA for the next version? With this button color issue, its hard to use.


We are currently working on a new version. It's unclear exactly when this will be released. If you need an urgent fix, please contact us via direct email and we'll send you an incremental source update.

I did request that by email, but did not get any reply...

It could be possible that your email slipped through and was missed. Can you re-send?

I got the email and installed the source. It still does not work right.

I saw that I can even reproduce it in the designer, not only in the running exe.
I create a new Windows project, drop the button on the form, uncheck Enabled in the object inspector, then check Enabled again in the object inspector, it stays gray for me.

Did you re-install the packages? This is required for designtime changes. Did you try enabling/disabling at runtime ?

So far, it does not work.

It works, when the button will be disabled via code, then enabled again. But disabling it twice, then trying to enabled it will not work, it stays gray. And in object inspector, when disabling the button and enabling it, it stays gray.

In your email to me, you wrote:

"I have investigated this here and applied a fix. The next version will address this. The sequence when disabling twice was still giving issues."

When will there be a next version? The released version has no update since 7 weeks.

Fact is, I cant use the components since I bought them due to the bugs.

We are working on a major update, hence this is taking the needed time.
We aim for releasing the major update in the week of Nov 25. 
If you need an urgent incremental source update, please contact us by email.