TMSFMXWebBrowser save the scroll position


i need to save TMSFMXWebBrowser scroll position.
Because i want my user to go on after restart some place.

thank you


This is typically done with Javascript:

Javascript can be executed in the TTMSFMXWebBrowser

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thank you for your answer.

TTMSFMXWebBrowser execute javascript work in android?

Executing javascript should work on all platforms.

thank you.

in my example i can learn scroll position from javascript. 
how can i pass this value to delphi?


Sorry this is currently not possible. This would have to be done by injecting an object in javascript in your HTML page and connecting it with the TTMSFMXWebBrowser. We will add this on our feature request list.

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i develop a book reader software;
1. i need to use HTML text. (bold etc...)
2. save scroll position
3. play audio files sync with the html text.

what are your advices? which technics and components can i use?

The current implementation of the TTMSFMXWebBrowser is for basic usage such as navigating webpages, loading HTML pages and executing javascript. There is currently no support for javascript to Delphi. We will further investigate this here and see if we can add support for this. There is currently no alternative.

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