TMSFMXRichEditor, Android, inserting text through voice


After inserting text through voice in TMSFMXRichEditor in Android the cursor don't goes to the end of the text.
How can I achieve that?
Thank you.

best regards,
Radu Mircea Capota

FNCRichEditor has the same problem.

We are currently investigating if we can move the caret with the text. Please note that the interfaces for supporting speech to text, autocomplete and all other Android text input related functionality is not supported in the rich editor. The ITextInput interface (available in FMX, is too limited to support this functionality). We will discuss the possibilities and determine the path for FNC/FMX richeditor. Alternatively, we are working on the TMS FNC WX Pack which will feature a browser/JavaScript based HTML memo editor that does not suffer from these limitations. We have tested this editor here and all Android keyboard functionality is working as expected. The TMS FNC WX Pack is being released tomorrow.