TMSFMXProgressbar on iOS

  I have an iOS app, and during the records loading operation, I want to use the TMSFMXProgressBar to show the remaining  time.

  But, on the device, the progress bar only update the screen after all records are loaded.

  I am pretty sure, this is not a bug, but I think this is due the fmx application main thread on iOS.

  Is there any clue to this?

  I am trying to create a thread but it is not working.

  Thanks in advance,

Jose Carlos.

In delphi Application.ProcessMessages can be used, perhaps there is something similar in Firemonkey for iOS?
Else, besides creating a thread it is unclear how this can be achieved.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

  There is no application.ProcessMessages on FM iOS, I think the only way is a thread to update the
screen during the loading data.

 Thanks anyway,

 Jose carlos.