TMSFMXNativeUITableView > OnItemDeselect

 TMSFMXNativeUITableView > OnItemDeselect 

not working in iOS 10 to 11.3 !!!!
any idea ?

It's on our todolist to investigate

how much time you need ? 

I really need it,
There is no way currently

As I said, it is on our list, it will be looked at during next week business hours and you will get an answer.

First of all, which property settings did you use? In which circumstances did you encounter this issue?

Delphi 10.2.3 / IOS 10 to IOS 11.2 

TMSFMXNativeUITableView > OnItemDeselect  nothing work onItemSelect everything work  

TMSFMXNativeUITableView V:

When asking more information we mean, under which circumstances does the issue occur. Did you set any properties, and to which value did you set them? Please provide a sample that reproduces the issue so we can investigate this here. You can send a support email with the sample to

any simple code add TMSFMXNativeUITableView and add section and add items 

OnItemDeselect  add any code for example : showmessage('Deselect');
and run code .... select and deselect any item it must show message but not work ... 


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue.
The next version will address this.