TMSFMXNativeUISearchBar text input disabled


on the TMSFMXNativeUISearchBar text input is disabled.

When setting TMSFMXNativeUISearchBar1.text := 'abc' in code the cancel-button works but editing text is still not working.

TMSFMXNativeUISearchBar1.SearchBar.isUserInteractionEnabled is true.

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It's unclear what you mean with text input is disabled? Did you disable this programmatically or is it disabled by default?

it just doesn't accept any input.

I didn't disabe anything ...


In the latest version, using UISearchBar as a standalone component is deprecated. In iOS 10 a new type of search controller needs to be used in combination with navigation controller, or tableview controller. We'll investigate which changes are needed.

I wanted to search on database-level and then insert the resulting records into a TableView.

If this is possible with the integrated searchbar of a tableview that would be fine with me...

For the time being, please use a default input control such as the TTMSFMXNativeUITextView or TTMSFMXNativeUITextField. The search bar integrated in the tableview is used for filtering