TMSFMXHTMLText and use vertical scrollbar

When I fill the TMSFMXHTMLText HTML text and this text more, it leaves down, that is out of component limits, thus, there is no vertical scroll bar. How to make, what the text would be scrolled? That is had vertical scroll bar? 

The TTMSHTMLText does not have a scroll capability, but you can use the AutoSize feature and include it in a vertical scrollbox

Peter, not quite sure how to do it? Setting autosize it is  the boolean setting. Height TTMSFMXHTMLText component I is given, it can not be changed.

Include the TTMSFMXHTMLText inside a TScrollbox and set the width equal to the width of the scrollbox and set AutoSize to true. If the height exceeds the scrollbox height you will be able to scroll.

Thank you! Everything worked out)

On iOS/Android you might need to set HitTest to False, to allow touch-scrolling
Pieter Scheldeman2016-06-22 19:56:26

Thank you, will come in handy in the future. Now I do for desktops. 

At constant code, vertical scroll bar does not appear in MacOS, but there is in windows

Hi Piter,

Could you please clearify, how to enable tauch-scrolling on Windows tablets on  the case like in the question -- TTMSFMXHTMLText + TVertilalscrollbox.  

Many thanks in advance.


You can set the HitTest property to False. This should allow scrollling via the underlying vertical scrollbox.
Ok , Now all is working fine :-).  I am new for FMX and in the post above was not clear enough  for me  whose  HitTest  must be set  to False.

One more thank you  for the fast answer as well.