TMSFMXGridPDFIO with QuickPDF Lite


I use TMSFMXGridPDFIO. I have installed and registered QuickPDF lite, but i have nothing in the PDFRenderlib list.

What is the method to make work TMSFMXGridPDFIO with QuickPDF lite library?

Thank's for your reply.


No Help?

Thank's for your reply

Hi, you will need to copy or reference the QuickPDF.dcu file that is found in the Delphi zip files distributed with QuickPDF installation.

Then drop a TTMSQuickPDFRenderLib component on the form and link it to the TMSFMXGridPDFIO component. if the QuickPDF.dcu file is found, the application should compile and execute correctly.

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Scheldeman Pieter

Thx for your reply.

But in the QuickPDF LITE we can't find a DCU file, only C++ and C#

Same for TTMSQUICKPDFRenderLib isn't in the Firemonkey tms pack.

Have you any ideas?

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The TTMSQUICKPDFRenderLib is not added to the package (as QuickPDF is necessary) and must therefore be installed in a separate package linking to the TMSFMXPackPKGDXE2 or XE3 packages.

If you download the trial version through this URL, you should be fine, 
in the installation folder there should be Delphi zip files for each IDE version,choose the correct version and extract the files in a separate folder. Add that folder to the library path and the application should compile fine.

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