TMSFMXGrid sorting ssDate


I have a grid with multiple columns and some of them are of type Date(time).
For these columns I've set the SortFormat to ssDate.
And this works nicely.
On my machine that is.

On other machines the sorting doesn't go well.
After some research we found out that this was due to different regional settings.

Is it possible to make the sorting constant, and independent of the regional settings within Windows?



You should be able to change the format with FormatSettings.ShortDateFormat. Can you try using this and see if the format is identical between machines?

Problem has been solved for now, by changing the regional settings on the other machine.
But I would like it to work regardless of regional settings.

According to you a conversion/compare is done based on the Shortdate format ?
And if the field contains a value like "29/03/2019 14:32"?

Should be automatically converted. even if you are using the ShortDateFormat

Ok, thx