TMSFMXGrid rowheight and scroll range

When applying this code after i open my dataset (with livebinding)

for i := 0 to grid.rowcount-1 do
GRIDd1.Rowheights[i+GRIDd1.Fixedrows]:= Gridd1.defaultrowHeight*2;

Then the bottom rows are not painted inside the scrollbox :

This is the bottom of the scrollbox. I can scroll below the visible area.


I cannot see an issue here. you are referring to a scrollbox, are you using a scrollbox as parent of the TTMSFMXGrid1 or do you refer to the built-in scrolling? Can you perhaps send us a sample that demonstrates this issue?

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I mean the internal scrollbox of the grid. i will write a short example.

a mail was send with a sample project.