TMSFMXEdit Android Spellchecking

Spell checking is always active on Android irrespective of the property setting. Is there any way this can be turned off?

I'm not sure in what circumstances / how specifically you use this in relation to a TTMSFMXEdit. Are you referring here to our TMS spell check engine or the spell check built-in in the Android text entry keyboard?

The Android one.

Did you try to set TMSFMXEdit.CheckSpelling = false?

Yes. Works on iOS but not Android.

What version of Delphi do you use? What version of Android? Did you check this with a regular FMX TEdit? 

Berlin 10.1 Update 1. Android SDK 25.2.2. If TEdit.ControlType is set to Platform it always spellchecks. If it is set to Styled, then it does not.

When setting it to platform it takes over the native device spell checker so you need to turn this off on Android level. Scheldeman2016-10-08 13:12:15

It doesn't make sense for users to do this as they will normally want this facility. I need to be able to do this at the programming level.

Are you able to reproduce this on TEdit? If so, then this is an issue in FireMonkey and shiuld be reported to Embarcadero.Pieter Scheldeman2016-10-08 13:19:44