TMSFMXCalendar: Centered Month/Year in the header


I have a short question with regard to the displaying of the current month/year in the header of the TMSFMXCalendar-component, namely whether it is possible to align them in the center of the header instead of to the right as it is currently.
I am well aware of the possibility of changing the style, but I am a bit reluctant to do so in this case, because the component-style seems to be intentionally designed for the right-alignment of the month/year in the header.
Therefore I would like to know whether there is an easy way to center the header text (month/year) without having to change too much in the component itself.

Also, as a sidnote: I've had some issues with the very same header text, namely that the month name was cut off on the left side on some android smartphones. The reason was, that the month component of the header is assigned the fixed width value of 75 in the component source code in line 745, which apparently is too small for some smartphones. I've changed it to 90, which seems to be wide enough without causing any problems on the devices I possess.

FireMonkey components are typically made up of style elements and this is also the case here with the header for the TMSFMXCalendar.
If you do not wish to change the style at design-time, you could access the months & years indicator in the header via:

TMSFMXCalendar.FindStyleResource('months') / TMSFMXCalendar.FindStyleResource('years')
This part is of the type TPopupBox and you could change the alignment or position of this TPopupBox.