TMSCloud Mobile Login Error

We are trying to login Google Drive with TMS CloudPack in our mobile application (Xamarin.Forms)
But we get an error for login page. ("Error: disallowed_useragent")
I attached the screenshot for you information.

Componenet : TMSCloudNET
Visual Studio 2017



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Hi Bart,

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I am having the same issue. Is there a general solution?

Please set ExternalBrowser = true for the cloud component you use. It is a new requirement from Google that it doesn't accept an embedded browser anymore.

Java Class

  JCustomTabsIntent_Builder could not be found

Hi Bruno,

With set ExternalBrowser = true in Android show this error:
Java Class
  JCustomTabsIntent_Builder could not be found

Delphi 10.2.2  and TMS FMX Cloud Pack Version

In Windows works perfect!


Please follow instructions on how to correctly enable external browser support for Android in the PDF Manual available for download from the product page: