TMSCalendar questions


Is there any way to display a TMSCalendar spreading on nn weeks.
Say I want to display 3 weeks from Mon Sep 19 to Sun Oct 07?

Then if it's possible, is there a way to print that time stretch in a week mode?

I seem to be unable to get this effect

Thanks for any help.


Sorry this is not possible. The calendar is only capable of showing a single month at once. If you want to show a single week, you should consider using the TTMSFMXPlanner which is more suitable to show a single day, week month, ...

OK thanks.

I tried but the adapter with .ics file makes it so slow it's barely usable.
And I can't find a way to print the selected 3 weeks.
Too bad. I'll try to figure out another solution.

We are not aware of performance issues.
How many items are in the .ics file?