TMS Web example?

Does this work with TMS Web?

Is there an example?

In the demos folder, under Demo\Services\myCloudData , there is a sample for using myCloudData from a TMS WEB Core client app.

Any further hints on where to find that demo.

Cant find it in any of my TMS directories.

Did you install TMS WEB Core?
If so, look under installed folder Demo\Services\myClouddata

Finally found it.

In the user/public/documents
Urrgghh - that just gets me to the next error.

Trying to run that demo - entered my api key as it asked.
Changed the callback url to the one you said to make it.

press Connect - the logon screen pops up - enter the details - then nothing.

The url of the pop up goes to

nothing happens in the app - nothing does anything, other than being able to press Connect again - which just repeats the whole process.

have I missed something?

You have most likely not configured the callback URI to the domain of your TMS WEB Core web application?

The demo says to set the callback url to the extact one they say which is:

Make sure to set your myCloudData callback URL to: to use the key on this page

Is this not the case?
OK - got the demo to work.

Just had to completely ignore the instructions given in the demo code.