TMS Web Core Final Release

Hello, I want to ask when will the final release of TMS Web Core be available?

First v2.1 beta is available to active registered users (on My Product page). We continue work on v2.1 final. There will be further betas to follow. No fixed date for a final release of v2.1 is set. We aim for this quarter though. If you have feedback on the beta, please send, this will help accelerate the release.

Waiting for up to 3 months for bug fixes when your are working on a new version is far too long. I think that you should provide bug fixes for the current version.


You can use the v2.1 beta, it contains all bug fixes

That may be the case but it is far too dangerous to use a beta version in live web app!

I'm sorry, but this is the best we can offer at this time.
We work as hard as possible to bring v2.1 to release.