TMS WEB Core async keyword issue

Hi Bruno,

Got an issue after marking a function or procedure as async, as you can see from the picture:

then if I drop any components after that, e.g. here I dropped a panel into the form, then declaration of that panel appeared in Public. For now, I will have to manually move the declarations from public to where before the private.

In addition, it can't jump to any procedure/ function by just clicking the declaration in interface section if there is a function or procedure is marked as async.

Here I also made a demo to address my points above: 83. Test (1.5 MB)

Thanks in advance for your help!

I've been using

[async] procedure ExcellentTMSWebCore;

with the caveat that it has to be on the same line or adding new components gets it all confused.

Delphi LSP is unaware of the async decorator. Using an attribute is the best solution with the Delphi IDE LSP as-is for now.

thanks for the help, that works! :+1: