TMS Web Core and pure Delphi for mobile app?

I apologize for the layman's question:

To run a program I create in Delphi using 'TMS WEB Core' for an Android phone/mobile, do I need to have Android support installed in Delphi?

I could potentially install it, but that seems to be a rather complex task. Therefore, I would like to find a way to develop applications for mobile phones using only pure Delphi and TMS Web Core. If it's possible to create a program without installing mobile support in Delphi, please direct me to a source where I should start so that I can create my first web/android application based on TMS Web Core. And how should I then run it on the specific device?

You do not need to install Android support in Delphi for this.
Just TMS WEB Core is sufficient. You deploy the generated TMS WEB Core app on a web server and run the app by navigating to the URL. When it is a PWA app, Android will offer the capability to add the app to the homescreen from where you can start it after install.

"Thank you for your response. I have read the information about PWA applications, including: 'TMS Software | Blog'.

I watched a video on YouTube: '' and compiled and tested your demo application 'PWACalculator'. I successfully installed it on my PC and also on Android (Samsung A50 mobile)."

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