TMS Web Core 2.3.1


None of my forms created using CreateNew are visible at run time after installing this version.




The OnShow event is not firing!

Cannot be reproduced in all demos we rechecked so far.

I have no components on the form. They are all created (non-TMS) in the OnShow event. If I call this from the OnCreate event (which I obviously do not want to) it works as it used to.

Please isolate this and provide a sample source project with which we can reproduce this.

Use your FormHosting demo. In SufForm2 add an OnShow event and put anything in it such as a console.log. It never fires.

In the case like with Form hosting, we could indeed see this issue and applied a fix. We will release an update.

Many thanks.

I can confirm that version fixes this.

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I installed version but the issue continues.
OnShow appears as unassigned in TApplication.CreateNewForm

That is a different kind of error. How exactly can we reproduce this?

Put an OnShow event in the View.Main form of the XdataMusic Demo.

Trace from here, when the form is created:

When the form is created, in the CreateNewForm procedure the OnShowEvent is empty:


We saw the issue in the Music demo.
We applied a change in this area that should now fix this issue in this particular demo.