TMS UI Pack - Multi-User Machine/User Profiles/Register Package

It seems that TMS VCL UI Pack installs and registers itself in the user profile not on a machine basis. I have a machine where we have two developers -- myself and another developer. Under my user profile TMS is registered and properly installed. However the second developer TMS is not registered for. Is there an easier way to register TMS for another user profile instead of manually having to edit the registry?

So USER-A installs TMS UI Pack. Starts RAD Studio, controls are shown on the splash screen and available to developer. USER-A logs off and USER-B logs in. Controls are not available as TMS registers in HKCU.

The install is always Windows user based.
If you have a machine where two different users use a Delphi environment (which is an uncommon scenario according to what we experience from users during years and years), you either install it for both users or you manually copy the registry settings.