TMS Mail Merge Wizards for Delphi XE2


In the VCL subscription there is also TMS Mail Merge Wizards.
During installation there was no selection of the IDE where it should be installed into. However installation did proceed. At the end a textfile opened showing manual installation instructions for only older Delphi versions.

Is TMS Mail Merge Wizards available for XE2? How can it be installed correctly?
Will it become available for XE2 or is there some alternative?

As indicated on the page:

the last version of Delphi that TMS Mailmerge Wizards supports is Delphi 2007.

Can you tell me why this component set was dropped? I started using it back in Delphi 5 day when I purchased it from the original Developer (with Source), I think the guys name was Tim Sullivan and when he stopped development I was glad to see you guys had picked it up to continue development. Back when I upgraded to Delphi XE (I think) it stopped working and because I had the source I was able to update the source and continue using it. I had made additions to the code to meet my needs over the years and continue to use it to this day. It was at the time an excellent product and still is to this day. I think there is a need for this component set.


Incompatibilities with newer Office versions were the main reason.

I have been able to work though multiple version of MS word and am currently using Microsoft 365


Ok, I remember we stumbled upon several problems and that some things were due for rewrite and with the limited use of the product, decided to discontinue this product.