tms if tag null or empty string check

I can't seem to figure out how to check for an empty string. I have tried the following and it doesn't work.

<#if(<#SortColumnTitle>=;;(Sorted by: <#SortColumnTitle>))>
<#if(<#SortColumnTitle>=<#EmptyExpression>;;(Sorted by: <#SortColumnTitle>))>


Try with:
<#if(<#SortColumnTitle>="";;(Sorted by: <#SortColumnTitle>))>

It will be true is the string is either null or empty. (because in Excel both are the same thing, you can't have an empty string that is not null as you can have in C#

The syntax here is mostly the same as in Excel formulas (as they use the same parser); the same way you can't enter =if(a1=;"a";"b") you can't enter an <#if either.

If you prefer, instead of using "", you could use
<#if(IsBlank(<#SortColumnTitle>);;(Sorted by: <#SortColumnTitle>))>

But it is the same.


I had figured out. Ofcourse it is always the case after you ask the question. I didnt know you can use the isblank as part of the tms if statement without using evalulate. Thats a nice to know.

Gald to hear you had figured out :)

About functions, yes, you can use any Excel funciton inside evaluate of the condition part of the if.