TMS IDE call forms other forms

Please I need an example of calls to objects of others forms in the IDE project.

in form1:
in form2:     form1.button1.caption=3


You can't do that in your example, it causes a circular reference, it's the same with Delphi.

But if you just want to call a form from another form, just use the unit for the form, have you tried it? It's the same as you do with Delphi.

Yes, I tried it, but it isn't same with delphi, Delphi does accept cirular references.

I have a table in form1, and I need refer to this table from form2. this is the idea.

TMS Scripter doesn't have the concept of interface/implementation sections. So you just can't have a circular reference.

Do you have any idea how to resolve it this, may be if we use external variable?


You would have to create a third unit that uses both, or is used by both. Or for example, make the first form pass the data to the second form, so instead of form2 accessing form1 button, it's form1 that passes button instance to form2.