TMS FMX TableView.LookupItem not working in OnItemAfterReturnDetail


I'm trying to set the first visible item in a TableView on the top of the list with TableView.LookupItem when I'm coming back from an item detail. Placing this line in the OnItemAfterReturnDetail doesn't produce any effect
tvCurricula.LookupItem(AItem.ID, False, True);

While placing a similar line on the OnClick of a Button when the TableView is visible is working correctly
tvCurricula.LookupItem(7, False, True);

The item with ID = 7 is placed correctly at the top of the TableView, is not selected, and is selectable.
This line in the OnItemAfterReturnDetail is not working either.

The sense of this command is to place the just visited item at the top of the TableView when the user is coming back from its detail.

Do I miss some action or doesn't it really not work?



We have tested this here on our demo, and could select an item after returning from the detail. So this is working as expected. If you continue to receive issues, please provide a sample so we can investigate here.

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for your testings. I've removed and reinserted the TableView from scratch and now it's working. No idea what was wrong on the other one, in any case, issue retired and problem solved. Thanks for your time.

Kind regards

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Thank you for your feedback!