TMS Cryptography Pack version 1.4

Dear users, evaluators and forum readers,

TMS CP v1.4 has been released with several additions and enhancements following recent comments and requests.

New algorithms in version 1.4

- RIPEMD-160: although not recent, this hash function may be used in BlockChain/BitCoin protocols;
- BLAKE2: another hash function but with a recent design and engineered for speed;
- Argon2: a key derivation function using BLAKE2 that won the Password Hashing Competition and that could replace PBKDF2 in the mid term.

New features in version 1.4

The library has been developed with C++ Builder but there are no C/C++ classes, demo and documentation. This may be fixed when installing the package with RAD Studio and choosing to "Generate all C++ Builder files" in "Project -> Options -> Delphi Compiler". A Windows32 demo is provided with the package. If you don't want to use HPP files (or can't generate them), we can provide "classic" C++ class definitions that work across the board.

Finally, we improved again our SHA3 implementation for speed.

iOS support is getting popular and requested by several current and potential users. It is still in our roadmap for version 2.0 at the end of the year.

Feedback is always welcome.


Dear users, evaluators and forum readers

TMS CP v1.4.1 has been released to fix reported memory leaks in TConvert and AES decryption.

We also added a new Base58 coder/decoder in TConvert.