TMS Component Pack V 6.2 issue

Hi :

We use the TMS Component Pack Pro V4.8  with C++ Builder 6  to  develop application program . After finish download and install new version v6.2 . we found a lot of Error and can't build application .
Do we need to modify some setting paramete to comptible with new TMS version??
thank you

Could you please specify the error message(s) you get ?

Hi :

I have already menual install all component in BCB6. It look like OK .
I have another problem in TMS Unicode Component Pack. When I first install the package , it can be shown in Package Palette    
After i close BCB6 , and reopen bcb6 , it say can't find unicode package . Untile i add the TMSUnicodeDEC6.bpl in $(BCB)\Project\bpl . it can be shown in Package Palette.
Do i miss something?  Please help me solve this problem , thank you .

TMSUnicodeDEC6.bpl should be located in a folder that is in your system path for it to be discoverable by the IDE. So, either, adding the folder where it is generated to your system path or moving the file to a system path is a solution.


Thanks for your  suggestion. It can work.
I have another question, now. When I install the TMS instrumentation Workshop , I found there is something wrong
with source code. I must modify the code then i can install it.
it is same wrong at VrMatrix.pas line 461 and VrMatrixlable.pas line 308.
By the way do you have more example with BCB??

Did you make sure your IDE opens source files as ANSI?
Sorry, at this time we do not have samples in C++, you can open the Delphi form files though in C++Builder and C++Builder can compile these.


Does the PlugIn Framework and GUI Motion can be used at BCB 6. I didn't find the bpg file for BCB6 .
There are Delphi Package files in Plugin Framework and GUI Motion .

Sorry, TMS Plugin Framework and TMS GUIMotions are exclusively for Delphi as indicated on their respective web pages.

Can you modify those two package for BCB6 ?? we are interested in those package in BCB6 .

thank you

Hi Sir:

I have Unicode Pack problem .  i run the example for Unicode program Demo , but i can not see what's happen with those component.
Can you provide some example for me to use those component, or some user's guide about unicode pack.
thank you
TMS Unicode Components are direct conversions of the non-unicode standard VCL components. The components have exactly the same properties & functions as the base class VCL components,except that string & character properties are unicode. As such, you can use the VCL documentation as reference.