TMS Business Core 1.38

Installation of this screwed up my library paths again and failed to install. After correcting them it and the other new packages installed fine.


We need detailed information about this problem. What is your library path before the installation, and how does it look like after the installation? What is the log file?

We didn't change anything in the installer regarding the paths. The same logic is there for years and being used by thousands of users. I'm not saying it doesn't have a problem, but clearly if this is a problem it's something that happens under very specific circumstances so we need more details to know what they are.

It was the normal extra ./ in the paths. I know everything was OK before I installed the new version but I uninstalled it, fixed the paths across all platforms and reinstalled so I don't have the log. Next time there is a new version I will take a copy so that I can then give further details.

Ok, let me know. The extra "." in the paths should not be a problem, it's a valid folder in a path.

Maybe not but the paths were duplicated which probably caused an issue with its size!