TMS AURELIUS and MyCloudData

Is it possible to use TMS AURELIUS with a database in MyCloudData?

Wagner, can the questions in the forum be made in portuguese?


Hi Ronaldo,

TMS Aurelius doesn't connect to MyCloudData directly. I believe mapping an object to myclouddata would be rather simpler than regular databases, would there really a need to use Aurelius for that?
For forums we prefer that questions are in English so all users could benefit from the questions and answers - some users might have the same question as yours.
If you feel more comfortable writing in portuguese, then you can of course always send us an e-mail.

Oh understood. I was testing the tool. But thank you anyway.

As for the email, i send it at even? Or do you have any specifics for the Aurelius?

It's always safer to send support e-mails to so we can properly handle depending on the question and the product. You can also use our support form: