TMS 1.4.0 beta, VS Code Mac support ?

Hi , 

Really looking forward for the full release of the 1.4.0 and come new dataset such as Rad Server as well as Dream Factory and would like to find out whether the development on the Mac support of the VS code for TMS Web core is also part of the planned release as well? 


TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code will support from v1.0 three desktop operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux

HI Bruno,

thanks for the information, that is exciting news !... but is this already part of the 1.4 beta which has been released ? (also i have tried to download the beta, but as i am using dynamic IP, which has been reset today, could u help to reset my ip for download , thanks )

The beta is TMS WEB Core v1.4 for Delphi/Lazarus.

We work to deliver the beta for TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code v1.0 as soon as possible.

Hi Bruno,

I must say that the tms team is doing a great job. One question that I have is , will Tms webcore for Visual studio code running on macos allow me to build a Electron app that compile to macos ?




Yes, me too will love to see that VSCode able to compile code for MacOS, then it will be a wonderful one of its kind IDE that is truly RAD ! Bruno, is there a beta for us to test it out?

The beta is out for TMS ALL-ACCESS users right now
and will become available to TMS WEB Core users in a couple of weeks.

The first release of TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code will have the web application type.

It will not yet have the application type to create a new Electron application, but if  you created the Electron application type with Delphi, you will be able to open it in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code on a macOS and compile it there to generate an Electron app.

Thanks for the Info Bruno

So compiling the Electron project on Mac will be possible,
 wow just great, just really great :)

A Feature that would be really great  (since Electron is for generate Desktop) is the possibility to connect to  a local sqlite database directly without a backend server, I know there is IndexedDB but It would be nice to have an offline mode with a relacional  database.
But that just my 50 cents :)


This is exactly also one of the things we have in mind and on our todolist to research. It would make very much sense.