TLockfile - can't find demo mentioned in PDF

Hi there

I'm just getting to grips with the encryption pack and it looks really good. 

Page 75 of the documentation mentions a demo is available for TLockfile on the website, but I cant find it. Its a simple component and the docs give you all you need to know however I was keen to see if there was anything else worth knowing about. 

In particular I was hoping to find a way to customise the form displayed when the user clicks on the self-decrypting exe file.



The demo is here : 
If you send me an email, I can provide you the source code of this demo. 
Best regards,

Thank you, I was looking on the product page under downloads. 

Will send and email now - to info at tmssoftware dot com? 

Yes you can send the email to this address or to marion at tmssoftware dot com.