TLiveDiagram printing.

Hi there,

I am having loads of problems attempting to fit a diagram( by diagram I mean all the components on the diagram, not the entire diagram canvas ) to a single page for printing.
The diagram print settings don't seem to have such an option ( Fit to page ).

Is there a procedure to scale a diagram to fit the dimensions of a page?
- I found an undocumented method of TLiveDiagram: ScaleBy( int, int )...that seems to do nothing except what appears to be a diagram refresh.

The best results I have managed: Manually calculating the dimensions of my diagram, then TLiveDiagram::ChangePaperID( int ) to a page with larger dimension than that of my diagram ( Page orientation also manually set ).
External printing drivers can then scale this to another page size. The result is that the diagram fits on one page, but the diagram's scaling and positioning on that page is basically random ( depends largely on the positioning of the original TLiveDiagram components on the canvas, and on the size of the diagram ).

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.


unfortunately there is no method for scaling while printing. The print result will always be the diagram in real scale (no zooming or shrinking).