TListItem Attribute disappears


I have a TWebListControl.
When I create a TListItem, I set the HTML value using
MyItem.ListElement.setAttribute( 'value', 'myString');
It is working.
If I add the next TListItem, the value attribute from the previous entry disappears.

Did I do something wrong? I don't know where to look.


It is because when you add items, the component re-renders the list in the DOM.

I need to save some data to a ListItem.
Either a TObject, TJSObject or a string in which I store JSON.
Is there a possibility?
This would be much easier than if I had to maintain a separate list in which I store the objects.

I found the property "Data" in Core Source\WEBLib.Lists and transferred it to Component Library Source\WEBLib.Lists.

Will this have side effects?
If not, can you include this in the next release?

I cannot see side effects but you could also already use ListItem.Tag to hold a reference to extra information you need.

Well, I already use the property tag and since I need a string, Data is the better and, above all, easier way.
Maybe it can be made public in the next release.

Thank you

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We will add it as public property.

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