TJSON Array to TWebClientDataSet but before split "SubArrays" of JSON.


I receive one JSONArray from one REST Server by Http Request.

In this JSON went 2 JSON Arrays:

My http request returns to me one json like this and i can see it:

"TMOV": [
"codigo": "E",
"descr": "Entrada"
"codigo": "S",
"descr": "Salida"
"SITS": [
"codigo": "1",
"descr": "Abierto"
"codigo": "2",
"descr": "En proceso"
"codigo": "3",
"descr": "Cerrado"

I want to send TMOV Array to DataSet "one" and SITS Array to Dataset "two".

In the response function i have this json in a TJSONObject.

I know that i can assign one TJSON Array to a Rows property of the TWebClientDataSet but i d onot know how can i extract or split every JSONArray of the main TJSONObject.

Ho can i do it ? Can you help me ?


In the Response function i try to parse AResponse like this but apperar one error like this in the navigator console:

"Get is not a function"

jsPAIR := TJSONObject(TJSJSON.parseObject(AResponse)).Get('TMOV');

Now i try to do this code in OnResponse:

procedure TdmListas.httpLG1Response(Sender: TObject; AResponse: string);
jsALL: TJSONObject;
jsALL:= TJSONObject(TJSJSON.parseObject(AResponse));
console.log(jsALL); // OK

jsTMOV:=TJSONArray(jsALL.GetValue('TMOV')); // ERROR


In the navigator debug i see the error in line of ...GetValue...

Uncautch typeerror: jsALL.GetValue is not a function ???

I do not understant...

Answered with test project in your other thread.



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