TIWDBResponsiveList will not show more than 10-20 records

I want to use the TIWDBResponsiveList component to show images and text in a list using the HTML layout feature. It works well except it only show 10-20 records. My dataset has 60 or more records.
I even setup a simple test with just 1 fields to be show in the html and it still was limiited. Is there a setting to control the number of records shown?


Can you please have a look at the ResponsiveList demo included with TMS IntraWeb Component Pack for working example?

If the problem persists, please check if any JavaScript errors are displayed in the browser console.

The demo only shows 16 records in the DBresponsivelist demo and 20 records in the non db demo
I see no errors in chrome console.


We have been able to trace and fix the issue.
An incremental source update was provided in a private message.